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Ready to start accepting tax deductible donations and grants? Please apply at the link below. We’ll be in touch about the status of your application within 2 business days. If you have questions prior to applying, please visit our FAQ page.

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Most frequent questions and answers

It depends on how the donor chooses to donate. Donations made online via credit or debit card are often available in almost real time. Donations made via other methods, like checks, can sometimes take a few days to clear the system before being available for use by your program.

No, we do not provide funding and we do not accept funding proposals. We don’t offer professional fundraising services, though we do publish general fundraising content in our email newsletter, blog and on social media.

Yes, most of the time sponsees can use fiscal sponsorship for as long as they would like, as long as they’re in good standing. The only exception is for Sponsees who have received funding from a grant that is time-bound. We’re happy to answer questions on this topic.

Yes! We fiscally sponsor existing 501c3s for a variety of reasons including: providing 3+ years of financial statements for specific grants, soliciting charitable donations in all 50 states (we’re licensed to fundraise in every state that requires it), and managing the donation processing/acknowledgements for you until you are able to handle that administrative task.