Frequently Asked Questions

Fiscal Sponsorship is a formal agreement where a current nonprofit serves as a sort of incubator for new charitable projects created by someone else. Fiscal sponsorship can give you the ability to accept tax-deductible donations and apply for grants without 501c3 status. We act as a fiscal sponsor for many fledgling charitable programs and organizations across the US, as well as a few established nonprofits.

No, we do not provide funding and we do not accept funding proposals. We don’t offer professional fundraising services, though we do publish general fundraising content in our email newsletter, blog and on social media.

Yes, most of the time sponsees can use fiscal sponsorship for as long as they would like, as long as they’re in good standing. The only exception is for Sponsees who have received funding from a grant that is time-bound. We’re happy to answer questions on this topic.

Our core services of fiscal sponsorship are included. This includes processing online donations, sending donation acknowledgements for all donations, reviewing your quarterly reports for compliance, reviewing any grant applications for compliance, sending your monthly disbursements, and providing you with monthly donor reports.

If you’d like additional services, please let our team know. We’re happy to see how we can help!

Sponsees must use funds for charitable purposes. Sponsees must also provide quarterly reports that detail financial and program-related information. You can see the reporting requirements, report due dates, and a template for the report here.

Yes! We’re able to provide fiscal sponsorship in every state in the US. If you’d like to see where we currently have fiscal sponsees, you can see that on our home page.

While bookkeeping services are not included in the fiscal sponsorship package itself, our sister consulting firm, Allies 4 Good, provides some bookkeeping and 990 preparation services. 

Yes! We fiscally sponsor existing 501c3s for a variety of reasons including: providing 3+ years of financial statements for specific grants, soliciting charitable donations in all 50 states (we’re licensed to fundraise in every state that requires it), and managing the donation processing/acknowledgements for you until you are able to handle that administrative task.

If you are approved for fiscal sponsorship through Fiscal Sponsorship Allies, we will send you a few questions to answer. Once those questions are answered, we’ll create a custom donation page for you within 2 business days. You’ll be able to start fundraising as soon as your donation page is complete! Please note that distributions are made monthly, so you will not receive funding immediately.

Donations your project receives will be disbursed in the following month. We disburse donations between the 10th and the 25th each month. For example, if your project received donations in the month of July, all donations from July would be sent in a lump sum sometime between August 10th and 25th.

We fiscally sponsor charitable programs and projects in the United States that meet the IRS requirements for what is deemed as charitable, with a few exceptions. We currently do NOT sponsor HOAs, programs that are involved in politics or lobbying for positions or candidates, or films.

We respond to inquiries within 3 business days. Usually, we can send you an approval or denial within that time frame, but we might need to ask additional questions to ensure your charitable project meets the standards of our program.

Oftentimes, the answer to this question is yes! Please check with your grant provider to ensure they accept applications from fiscally sponsored projects, as each grant provider is different. Currently, we do not accept federal grants.